Carl Smith (b. 1975, Houston, Texas) 

4503 Glomar Ave.

Austin, Texas USA 78721



Group Exhibitions 

June 2012 Karmic Trash Debt, Wardenclyffe Gallery, Austin, Texas

Nov. 2012 E.A.S.T., Wardenclyffe Gallery, Austin, Texas

Nov. 2012 East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, Texas

Jan. 2013 We’re all dead now, Hardy & Nance Street Studios, Houston, Texas

Feb. 2013 Abstraction Art Show, War’hous Studios, Houston, Texas

May 2013 Saying Thank You, Wardenclyffe Gallery, Austin, Texas

Oct. 2013 Visions of Austin State Hospital 

Fiesta Gardens, Austin, Texas 

Oct. 2013 Conversion Group Show

Pine Street Station, Austin, Texas 

Oct. 2013 Neoteric Group Show, Brick Oven Restaurant, Austin, Texas 

Nov. 2013 Art Night at E.A.S.T group show,

IEI Gallery, Austin, Texas

Nov. 2013 We Are Here Together, Crooked Floor Gallery, Austin, Texas

Jan. 2014 Tiny Art Show, Malvern Books, Austin, Texas

Feb. 2014 Neoteric Group Show, Happy Salon, Austin, Texas

May 2014 Inside Out: form and transformation, Imagine Art, Austin, Texas

June 2014 Hope Chapel Group Show, Hope Chapel, Austin, Texas 

July 2014 "The Unseen" First Unitarian Universalist Church, Austin, Texas 

August 2014 The Outsiders, Imagine Art, Austin, Texas

Sept. 2014 Austin Oaks Church, Imagine Art Group Show, Austin, Texas

Nov. 2014 Little Pink Monster Gallery, EAST group show

Jan. 2015 Group Art Show, Bennu Coffee, Austin, Texas

May 2015 Art Roar, Bungalow, Austin, Texas  

June 2015, Superprism Phenomena, Little Pink Monster Gallery, Austin, Texas 

Dec. 2015, Further, More, 3 person group show, Prizer Gallery, Austin, Texas 

Sept. 2016 The Grackle Art Gallery, Ft Worth, Texas 

Sept. 2016 La Rondalla Community Center, Dallas, Texas

Dec. 2016 Cafe Creme, Group Show, Austin, Texas 

April 2017 Topology Gallery and Studios, Austin, Texas 

June 2017 Cherry Cola Dog Gallery, A916 group show "Unleashed" 

July 2017 Cherry Cola Dog Gallery, "Art Wil Save Us"

Oct. 2017 "Soundpics II" Cafe Creme, Austin, Texas 

Dec. 2017 "Abstract Works" Carl Smith, John Molina & Chris Schroeder Imagine Art, Austin, Texas  

Feb. 2018 SJ's Atelier Inaugural Group show, Austin, Texas

March 2018 Tin Whistle Gallery Group Exhibition, Austin, Texas 

July 2018 "Thick and Thin" two person show with Donna Starnes at Atelier 1205 Austin, Texas 

August 2018 Artspace 111 Ft Worth, Texas group show juried by Cristina Rees 

September 2018 "Spin it your way" McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX

September 2018 4 person group show at Tin Whistle Gallery Austin, Texas 

September 2018 "Second Day of School" Collection Rert Gallery Austin, Texas 

October 2020 "Emotion Provides Information" ArtUs Co Austin, Texas 


Solo exhibitions

November 2012 End of an Ear Records, Austin, Texas

June 2013 Blue Dahlia Bistro Austin, Texas

July 2013 Tom’s Tabooley Austin, Texas

August 2013 Hideout Theatre Gallery Austin, Texas

August 2013 Lakeway City Hall Lakeway, Texas

September 2013 Genuine Joe's Coffee

Austin, Texas

February 2014 Bruegger's Bagels, Austin, Texas

May 2014 Austin Java, Austin, Texas 

June 2014 Team Price Real Estate Inc., Austin, Texas

July 2014 Cherrywood Coffeehouse, Austin, Texas 

Sept 2014 Hyde Park Bar & Grill, Austin, Texas

Nov. 2014 Bouldin Creek Cafe, Austin, Texas

Dec. 2014 "Counterpoint Paintings" Imagine Art Gallery, Austin, Texas  

May 2015 "For Natalia Gonchaorva" Little Pink Monster Gallery, Austin, Texas 

Dec. 2015 "Mountains, Valleys, Peaks, Trees, Farms etc." Imagine Art Gallery, Austin, Texas 

Feb 2016 Lakeway City Hall Lakeway, Texas

August 2016 "Fictive Space" Bolm Studios Gallery Space Austin, Texas 

December 2016 "Work Scars" Prizer Gallery Austin, Texas

July 2017 "11 Texas Abstracts" Vintage Heart, Austin, TX

September 2017 "9 Texas Abstracts" Shady Studios, Austin, TX 

Dec. 2017 "Soundpics II" Museum of Human Achievement Austin, Texas 

April 2018 "There Is No Audience" tax form paintings Prizer Arts and Letters Austin, Texas 

Dec. 2018 "11 Texas Abstracts" Notsuoh Houston, Texas

June 2019 "A Space Opens Up" collaboration with poet Shelley Herbert Prizer Gallery Austin, Texas 

January 2020 "Untitled Landscapes" Dorcol, San Antonio, Texas 

October 2020 "The Path of Light" Prizer Arts and Letters Austin, Texas

August 2021, "A Specilization in Abstract Speed Painting"

Prizer Arts and Letters Austin, Texas


Unbroadcast Reruns, Cover Art, book by

Michael Layne Heath, Kendra Steiner Editions #243 Dec. 2012


Works held in private collections in Buda, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Austin, Texas, Ohio, New York City and Mexico, also

Teed Shirts Inc. Austin, Texas

New East Arts Gallery Austin, Texas Austin, Texas 

The Museum of Fine Arts, Austin 

Global Vitiligo Foundation 


2010 The Creative Process, Guest lecturer,

Acton School of Business, Austin, Texas

2013 Tax Time For Artists, Teaching Assistant to Cheryl Finfrock

Jerry’s Artarama, Austin, Texas

Travel/Foreign Language

Intermediate German speaker. Traveled to Berlin, Germany in 2009



Katie Rose-Pipkin, Artist, Austin, Texas

Julie Nathanielsz, Dancer, Faculty, Austin Community College, Department of Dance, Austin, Texas

Linda Montignani, Art Teacher, Laguna Gloria Art School, Austin, Texas


Artists Studied With

Linda Montignani, Philip Trussell, David Thornberry



Austin Museum of Art-Arthouse

Austin Abstract Artists Association